Crowns are an ideal solution for covering a discoloured, cracked or broken tooth. They’re also used to protect heavily filled teeth, as well as teeth that have lost their fillings. With so many different types of dental crowns available from the My Affordable Dentist's network, we can ensure that the right option is never far away. Our dentists across Western Australia match new crowns to the shape and colour of your existing teeth. Whether you opt for porcelain, ceramic or gold materials, My Affordable Dentists can assure you that you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

Why you may need a crown

There are various reasons as to why you might need to invest in dental crowns. Not only can crowns greatly improve the overall appearance of your teeth, but they also serve to prevent large-scale structural problems. Crowns can help when your teeth are:

  • Discoloured and worn 
  • At risk of fracturing from filling
  • Already fractured and cracked
  • In need of a dental bridge
  • Recovering from a root canal treatment

Before your dentist can be certain that dental crowns are the best treatment option, a full examination will be carried out. Dental crowns are not suitable for all patients, particularly those who don’t have preserved roots or teeth where the crowns need to be attached.

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